Casey McGonagle (1977) is an LA Based Artist & Designer.  From from 1998 to 2008 he worked as a graphics professional in Los Angeles prior to completing his BFA and MFA degrees. Since graduating in 2014 he has worked as an art director for the design studio Eyerus and cofounded Plus Four, a content developer focused on virtual reality and its unique ability to transmute the senses.

McGonagle has exhibited in two one-person shows, at HungryMan Gallery in Chicago (2010) and at Kokoro Studio in San Francisco (2009). His work has also been included in numerous group shows, including Photography Sees the Surface, Higher Pictures, NY (2015), Post Internet/Pre Cyborg, University of New Haven Seton Gallery, Connecticut (2015), Deep End, Flag Art Foundation, New York (2014) and Ceaseless Blooms in Jobless Colors, Johalla Projects, Chicago (2011). He is the recipient of the John Ferguson Weir Award, The Endsley Memorial Fellowship, The World Less Travelled Grant and recently participated in The Convergence Residency at The Banff Centre in Canada. He holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2011) and an MFA from the Yale School of Art (2014).